Customer feedback is a critical  element to the adequacy and quality of the final product. We conduct a thorough analysis of the customer needs and after a careful study we offer the optimal solution so our customers can evaluate it  and  make the appropriate adjustments.

«Once we have designed the best solution with our customer we send an offer . »


  • To guarantee the best quality we have diverse equipment fitted for different types of packaging covering all our customer’s needs.
  • We work an ample range of materials to offer the best designs meeting  every requirement. We always offer custom solutions, preserving the environment and guaranteeing savings.

  • Before packaging reaches its useful life we offer refurbishment  to extended it or we can give it a new function. This way our customers reach a higher return on their packaging investment. We offer maintenance plans as well, guaranteeing the materials flow in you plant, by substituting damaged containers before they break or slow down your production, returning them as new.


From the technical department we  study and analyze thoroughly your project in order to reach the best solution. As we work in different fields such as automotive, aerospace, health care and food, together with our solid experience we can offer different types of innovative solutions.

The technical department contributes as follows:


Exploring all options and solutions offered by the market, analyzing  new  materials and handling techniques we acquire a deep knowledge to solve packaging problems.


Developing new products and solutions for our customers from previous experience and acquired knowledge and as always customized to offer the best solutions for their needs.


Foreseeing our customer future needs together with our team’s creativity we develop new fitting systems to improve parts handling and protection as well as packaging safety.